September 2017: International awareness day – Stop Live Transport! events in Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem

היום הבינלאומי נגד המשלוחים החיים - אירוע בתל אביב

 Photo: Alex Belous

September 2017: Thousands rally in Tel-Aviv, calling for a ban on live transport (Ynetnews)

קוראים לאיסור על המשלוחים החיים במצעד בעלי החיים - צילום רויטל טופיול

Blue banner: “Their lives in our hands”; white banner: “Stop live transport”. Photo: Revital Topiol

August 2017: 24/7 protest in Ashdod

A protest against live shipments to Israel

July 2017: High court issues order on cattle shipments for slaughter

July 2017: Israeli Gov’t Panel Recommends Reducing Live Animal Imports for Slaughter

June 2017: Israel suspends live shipments from Romania 

April 2017: Protesters call Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon: stop live transport!

הפגנה מול ביתו של השר כחלון נגד המשלוחים החיים

Photo: Hila Spak

February 2016: Israel’s high court to state: reduce shipped animals’ suffering

February 2016: Tel-Aviv rally against live transports 

צעדת ענק נגד המשלוחים החיים. צילום רויטל טופיול

Photo: Revital Topiol

December 2016: Haaretz Editorial: “stop the death shipments”

December 2016: Ministry suspends air transports after death of over 100 calves 

Israel -ministry suspends air transports

November 2016: Morrissey to Barnaby Joyce: ‘If meat is murder, live export is the slow boat to hell’, The Guardian

November 2016: Live Export ship fined 90,000 NIS for polluting the sea

September 2016: Australia and Israel unite in landmark live export campaign

September 2016: The sickening journey to your table, by Dr. Lynn Simpson, Times of Israel 

August 2016: Israeli activists boost efforts against live animal shipments, Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post - International day against live transports

August 2016: Israel Must End the Practice of ‘Live Exports’ of Animals

live export to israel - haaretz

June 2016: Vet removed for exposing appalling conditions on live export ships

Jan 2016: Stop live animal shipments, Knesset panel recommends

Jan 2016: Agriculture ministry cancels live shipment of animals, after activist appeals

Aug 2015: Animal rights activists demand freedom for cattle, sheep from overseas transports

Aug 2015: New investigation: live export from Europe

April 2014: Animal rights activists: Nixing veal import taxes will encourage animal abuse

Feb 2014: Hundreds of Sheep Die on Ship en Route to Israel

Jan 2013: Animal rights activists fight abuse, electrocution of lambs and calves

Live export disembarkation cruelty, Israel 2013 from Animals Australia on Vimeo.

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